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We laughed at Bucky.

The boat began to take in water and soon sank.

There barely were children in the classroom.


I was ill yesterday but I am feeling fine today!

I have a date.

I think I did that.

The more you have, the more you want.

Can you blame them?

I just hope Hienz and Rogue are all right.

She shooed him outdoors.

We haven't seen Janice in a long time.

In the future, nobody will drive cars.

Somebody tried to kill him.

She banged the table with her fist.

Past seven.

Kusum is beautiful, isn't she?


It's a crime against nature.

Give it another shot.

You're looking great.

Why are you making such a big deal out of it, huh? Just suck it up already!

The export of cotton has increased.


I visit the city yearly.

I quite like Tomas, but Sundaresan's not my cup of tea.

She asked him if she could go home.

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On the whole, the elite are not sensitive to criticism.

Izzy had a grand time.

No one knew who did it.

I can't wait for the war to end.

To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?

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I'm not really busy.

I'm Helen Cartwright's daughter.

We gave them our input.


I wish you would let Loren go with us.

Jennie has an old bicycle that Roy gave him.

Joon abandoned them.


Eat green fruit and ten to one you will get ill.

My TV is on the fritz again.

Are you doing anything special?

Nguyen and Skeeter both screamed.

I'm asking you to help me change Cole's mind.

Make sure you closed the freezer door correctly.

He had discovered a new star.

I see Kitty here all the time.

That may be difficult.

How many times have you played tennis with Lievaart?

I wasn't very efficient.

You need an elevator if you want to go down twenty storeys.

What shall I do next?

"If you'll excuse me..." he said. I think it's a shame.

We accomplished a lot.

They lost their trust in him.

James never knew that Mott lived on the bad side of town.

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My sister is a junior at Kobe College.

Make it a person-to-person call, please.

Are there any stores with "going out of business" sales?

He visited the grand temple every day.

They love Australia.

You'll understand once you have kids.

Steve goes to school with Kate.

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The driver maintained a high speed.


The barber has cut your hair very short.

Kriton wants to be a paramedic.

If you had one word to describe Jeannette, how would you describe him?


The section chief made me work like a slave.


In Ukraine, I always speak Ukrainian.

Hey, can anybody help me?

Can you hold on a little longer?

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No objection.

Ancient alien ruins in faraway outposts of the Human Space Sphere spooked many generations.

The religion of one age is the literary entertainment of the next.

The fog at 10, where the fuck did it come from, it's really nuts.

We'll continue this discussion later.

I want to know when you're planning to leave.

What are your goals?

This is a socio-linguistic study on Steven Emmet.

The government made an announcement to the effect that taxes would be raised.


Thank you for your confidence.

Let me handle that.

We're sort of busy here.

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They scoffed at our efforts.


Several studies, related to the temperature increase in the city, have already been published.

Nobody saw him steal the book.

I think we have all the data we need.

I can't listen to music at night anymore because my headphones broke.

Do not take any notice of him.

Both he and his sister are invited to the party.

Let me be completely honest with you.


I'm very busy right now.


Who are the voting members?

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The police detected the spy.

We pay an income tax at varying rates according to the size of income.

Is Niels around?

There were over fifteen thousand spectators.

I'm not good at singing.

This guy is screaming at me.

Do you want to try it on?

There is nobody better than you.

I see her frequently.

The public demands answers.

She did not believe that I understood her tactics.

Hardly had the teacher entered the room when we stopped chatting.

The same force spread over a smaller area will produce more pressure.

Have you ever played dominoes?

I've been hired to find her.

Well, here we are!

Don't let them die.

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Kathleen is black.


I've done stupid things.

I knew you could do better.

It is truly said that time is money.

Something has caught Saumya's attention.

Page talked to Old about things he usually kept to himself.

Nicolette doesn't really understand how I feel.

You want to talk, don't you?

She spoke in a small voice.

Through domesticating ourselves like cattle, people began civilization.

What can I do to help?

Sometimes it just happens.

I'm not crazy. You're the one who's crazy.

Margie was hiding behind a tree.

I love physics and math, but not biology and geography.

India was governed by Great Britain for many years.

I am dead.

Never did I see him again.


You can call a cat a small tiger, and a tiger a big cat.

Dan initially believed Linda when she said that it was an accident.

The chief's gonna kill me.

It was Devon's suggestion that we leave early.

It's not bad at all, in fact, it's really good.

He told me he had a surprise waiting for me.

Two months ago I did work experience in a factory.

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The police arrested him for theft.

I like coffee better.

He is not some superhero.


The twilight merged into darkness.

Don't just sleep all day like some lion from the zoo. How about you go and clean up your room?

Oleg apologized for wasting our time.


I was quite surprised.

Why do you have Giles's keys?

No one trusts you.

Orville doesn't have as many books as Lou does.

"Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?" "I think I'll just go home."

He has just as many books as his father does.

If one person's qualities are really good, and they have one hundred points, but of those hundred they only give you thirty or forty, or even ten or twenty and then inversely, another person maybe only has seventy or eighty points but they treat you with their heart and soul, then which person should you choose?


He got his present position by virtue of his long experience.

I wonder if Hienz is a vegetarian.

Few people die away at the approach of winter.

About eighty thousand spectators packed into the stadium last night.

Islam first reached China about the middle of the 7th century.

I was unable to go outside.

He wrote a paper on the subject.

The term "bourgeois" can be used as an insult by both the lower and the upper classes.

Barbra says he knows how difficult it'll be to do that.

I slammed on the brakes.

That girl is far from being shy.

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The baby is due in a month.

I hope that's not what really happened.

Every country has its national flag.


It is difficult for me to handle the case.


It's almost late.

This carpet feels nice.

Can't you just be happy and enjoy the party?

Charlie didn't have to be so rude.

Should we call him?

He was told to stand up, and he did so slowly.

I get why you're so interested.

The data is incorrect.

Rick is doing very well in French.


Jared has so much money that he doesn't know what to do with it.